Biloxi Council To Decide If First Gas Station Will Be Built South Of Highway 90

About 50,000 vehicles travel down highway 90 in Biloxi each day. While there are major developments springing up along the roadway, the city does not yet have a gas station on Highway 90.

Construction has already begun on two gas stations north of Highway 90, one on Reynoir Street and the other on Brady Drive. The City Council may give the green light for what would be Biloxi's first gas station south of the highway at its meeting on November 19th.

Clark Oil, the company building the Shell Station on Reynoir Street, also wants to rebuild the Shell Station that was perched at the foot of Highway 90 and Veterans Avenue before Hurricane Katrina.

"The city council members at the council meeting on Tuesday, a couple of them said that they were going to vote for this unless there was a really good reason not to," said Biloxi spokesman Vincent Creel.

Lt. General Clark Griffith, the Chairman of the Reviving the Renaissance Committee, says he does not think building a gas station south of Highway 90 is a good idea. He says if the council does approve the measure, the gas station should blend in with the surrounding area and upcoming developments. Some residents at last week's council meeting also oppose the project.

"I served on the Historic Preservation Committee of Revitalizing the Renaissance. In the final copy that the mayor and city council adopted our committee recommended that Highway 90 become a scenic parkway, and we asked that no service station be built," Lucy Denton told the Council.

"After Camille in 1969, I don't think we want to rush into there and just build anything back just for the sake of building it back," said Chevis Swetman.  "We're looking at a challenge now to try to keep this a scenic boulevard where you can see the beach and enjoy the environment, and at the same time have 50,000 cars on the highway."

Creel says the owners of Clark Oil have said the gas station would look like a neighborhood grocery store and would have earth tone facade, which would blend in well with developments underway in the area.