Slow Saturday At Hancock County Welcome Center

Although spring break attendance picked up Saturday, it was still a slow day at the Hancock County I-10 Welcome Center.

Terrel Newman stopped by the center on his way to Biloxi from Southern University.

He and his friends stopped in at the Welcome Center to freshen up and relax after several hours on the road.

"We come here to have a good time get treated right and be fair that's all we want to do is show some love to the State of Mississippi," said Newman.

Faye Palmer from Jackson State looked forward to the party.

"I can't wait the excitement has built up all week and I'm ready to go," said Palmer.

Just a few spring breakers stopped at the Welcome Center Saturday.

Officials say they saw less traffic Saturday than they did any day this week. Only about 1400 people dropped in for a rest stop.

Lyann Odom works at the Welcome Center.

"All week long Monday through yesterday each day our count was 2400 or more people and we just really thought today we really going to be swamped with black spring breakers and people going to the casinos. It's a beautiful day, I don't know why people are not traveling today maybe it's the gas prices," said Odom.

Spring breakers say there is another reason for the lower turn out this spring break.

"Maybe they were intimidated by the police and the law enforcement that were there last year because last year it was hectic with the security. It was one lane of traffic and I know we stayed in traffic like 3 hours and they are gone to New Orleans where it's not as strict as it is down here in Mississippi," explained one spring breaker.

But spring breakers who are headed to Biloxi's beaches say they plan to have a blast.

"We're going to party like it's 1999," said Terrel Newman.