Gulfport Kicks Off Veterans Day Weekend With A Parade Downtown

James Goff served in the Marine Corp. for 30 years. And on this day, he saw his family's commitment to service march into the future with his grandson Shane, a member of St. Martin's J-R-O-T-C.

"Coming out here and seeing my grandson march in a parade like this, that's something I'll hold on to forever," says James Goff, Pascagoula.

Robin Goff is Shane's mother.  She, along with Shane's sisters, came out to cheer him on. But, they also came to support a family member who couldn't be with them. Goff's Husband is serving a 12 month tour of duty in Honduras. She says her husband and father-in-law played a big part in her son's decision to join the J-R-O-T-C.

"He's always been proud of his dad and grandfather.  His grandfather retired from the Marine Corp.  His dad serves in the army.  He's proud of and supports his dad.  It was actually Shane's own decision to join.  We supported him in that decision, and he loves it," says Robin Goff, military wife.

Draped in red, white and blue beads, Margaret Lynch also has a long family tradition of service. Her brother-in-law, grandfather, cousins and now a daughter have all served in the armed forces.

"I'm very proud of my daughter.  It's scary, when she goes overseas, but I understand that's what she has to do.  She tells me, mom I'm just not doing this for me, I'm doing it for you.  I just think it's wonderful," says Margaret Lynch, military mom.

With rich histories of service to this country, both families say it's a legacy they will carry on for years to come. Lynch's daughter is a member of the Air National Guard. She will deploy for Iraq in January of next year.

WLOX's very own Jeff Lawson emceed today's event.