Roadwork In The Bay Will Cause Detours And Inconveniences

It's a sight Bay St. Louis city leaders say residents will encounter a lot over the next few years: Construction crews repairing what Katrina broke.

Assistant Public Works Director Buddy Zimmerman said the work will include replacing the sewer lines, water lines, gas lines, and drainage lines, as well as repaving streets and fixing sidewalks.

It's a massive undertaking, and that almost always guarantees a mess. But city leaders hope a contractual agreement with the work crews will lessen the impact on drivers.

"Once a contractor starts an area, he has 90 days to come back and finish repairing the roads. That way we won't have large areas of the city all torn up at the same time," said Zimmerman.

Right now work crews are laying water and sewer lines in the old downtown area of the Bay. Crews will fan out into other areas of the city in about a month.

Zimmerman said, "The contractor is handing out flyers, and we will do that on all of the projects. And they will have contact numbers on that if you have a problem getting to your house. If you have a problem getting your trash picked up, call the contractor."

Michelle Gillihan with Eutaw Construction said, "We'll notify them, of course, of the work being done. And if they can avoid the areas as much as possible, that would be a help."

"We're going to really see an improved Bay St. Louis once all of this work happens. It's going to be disruptive, but we're trying to make it as palatable as possible for the people," Zimmerman said.

FEMA is picking up the tab for the entire infrastructure reconstruction project.