Gautier High School Honors Veterans For Their Service

Ask almost any Gautier High School Student how important veterans are to this world, and that question will usually hit home.

"Both of my grandfathers actually fought in World War II," Gautier High School Student John Barr said.

"I have friends in Iraq, and I pray for them," Gauteir High School Student Kimmie Anderson said.

On Monday, the teenagers filled the school's auditorium, waving American Flags in celebration of their love ones, and dozens of other brave men and women, who put their lives in danger to keep peace and freedom in South Mississippi.

"They did it from their hearts." Barr said.

With patriotic songs, and a student body salute, vets were praised for their commitment and dedication to our country.

No one was more thankful for this day than 26 year military man Scott Mac-Farland.

Mac-Farland says it feels good knowing these young people care.

"It means an awful lot to the veterans, because they see the support the public is giving us during the time we are involved in the conflict in the Mideast, it's just great."

Continued moral support is something Veteran and Mississippi Congressman Gene Taylor says should be done more often.

"We need to be grateful for what they have done, what they are doing right now, and what they will be doing in the future," Mississippi Congressman Gene Taylor said.

And for the first time veterans and Gautier High School students donated hundreds of personal care items, including shampoo, soap, and toothpaste, to vets who could not attend the event in Biloxi, and Collins Mississippi.

Also, A flag was flown over Afghanistan Monday, in honor of the veterans breakfast. The special flag, and a certificate of appreciation will be sent to Gautier High School.