COPY-Young People Across The Nation Rally In Biloxi To Help Spruce Up Homes

They're not even old enough to hold a job, but dozens of young people worked hard to spruce up the yards of three Habitat homes on Croesus Street.

Ten-year-old Tonisha Brookter was one of the volunteers digging into the project, but she was happy to help out.

"The Habitat homes, yeah, I know what everybody's been through when Hurricane Katrina hit, and I know how they feel, so I came here to help," Brookter said.

Tonisha, her brother and mother moved into a Habitat Home in Slidell about a year and a half ago. Tonisha and her brother wanted to join the Random Kid National Task Force, a group of young people committed to helping the Gulf Coast Rebuild.

The idea stemmed from Iowa resident Talia Leman, two years ago, when she was 10 years old.

"My first project that I did, it was called TLC, and it was right after Katrina hit, and it was called Trick or Treat for the Levee Catastrophe, and I wanted kids on Halloween to collect coins instead of candy and to give that money to hurricane relief," Leman said.

Random Kids Task Force efforts are ongoing. The group just finished an awareness campaign working with governors across the United States.