Bay St. Louis Church Says Thank You To Hancock County Volunteers

First Baptist Church Senior Pastor Al Green considers himself lucky to have been able to preach to people from all 50 states and 6 foreign countries in just the past 2 years.

"And I didn't even have to leave my pulpit," Green tells his congregation.

It wasn't luck that brought all those people to Bay St. Louis; it was a disaster, and still they continue to come.

"Why after 26 months do we still have volunteers coming into Hancock County,"asks Green. "They're going out into the community to put lives back together."

Some of those volunteers were among the congregation at this special thank you celebration service for the thousands of people who've played a vital role in Hancock County's hurricane recovery.

"The volunteers have meant so much not only to our community but to our church as they've ministered to us in the church by staying with us," says Green. "And we just wanted a way to say thank you."

For Wayne Bruce, who's on his 3 visit here from Baxley, Georgia, no thanks is necessary.

"They made us welcome even 2 years ago, and people are still making us welcome," says Bruce. "To me, it's a blessing every time I come here."

Randy and Donna Burg made there 4th trip from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, just to be at this celebration.

"We just jumped right on it," says Randy. "We knew we wanted to come back if they had anything like this."

And they say the more they come back, the more they see the fruits of their labor.

"Driving along Beach Boulevard yesterday was like oh wow, how things have changed," says Donna.

What hasn't changed, is their commitment to finishing the job no matter how many trips it takes.