29th Annual Peter Anderson Festival

Food and art was the likely pair in Ocean Springs Saturday. Hundreds of people from all over the coast came out for the 29th Annual Peter Anderson Festival.

For some this year's event was about more than just the sights and sounds.

"The turnout is awesome. I've never seen this many folks over here, it's great," says David Aust. This is his first time at the festival since Hurricane Katrina.

Aust says he's pleased with the selection of vendors but one in particular caught his eye.

"I was walking along and I saw the colors in it and it looked like metal," Aust says.

He's talking about the work of Houston artist Guiteau Lanoue. The Haitian native and his wife earn a living by selling their one of a kind art, so when they heard about The Peter Anderson Festival, they made the drive to south Mississippi.

"My art is good for everybody. It's for black, white, Spanish. It's a mixture of collage," says Lanoue.

Nearly everyone who came near the booth had to take a closer look.

Many were mesmerized by the art which is made of acrylic paint and paper.

Lanoue says shows like the Peter Anderson Festival are crucial for the survival of his business, but he understands his art comes with a hefty price tag anywhere from $600 to well over $2,000.

"My pieces are very expensive. People have to think about it before they buy. It's not you are buying jewlery or pottery. They have to go home. Sometimes husband and wife have to get together before they spend their money," says Lanoue.

Depending on whether or not South Mississippians invest in the one of a kind art, will determine if this vendor will set up shop at next years festival.

The Peter Anderson Festival continues throughout the weekend.