Barbour, Eaves Hit Campaign Trail In South Mississippi

The clock is ticking, and the Governor's race is heating up. On Friday, the democratic and republican candidates for Governor were in south Mississippi.

Democrat John Eaves rallied at the foot of DeBuys Road in Biloxi, and incumbent Haley Barbour spoke to the folks in Lucedale from a fire truck. One thing these candidates both agree on is the important role attainable insurance plays in the recovery of south Mississippi.

"I'm ready to take on the big insurance companies, to make them do right by people and make them lower insurance rates here," Eaves said.

"We decided the right thing was to help the coast recover, to try to buy down the insurance rates. They've still gone up. They just haven't gone up nearly as much as they would have. We've reformed the windpool, and their new board is working on ways to allow people to have higher deductibles so they can pay lower premiums, but there is no question that here in Mississippi the availability and affordability of property and casualty insurance is a big issue, and we're going to continue to work on it. We asked both candidates what the major difference is between them," Governor Barbour said.

We asked both candidates what the major difference is between them.

"I'm ready to stand up to the big insurance companies. Governor Barbour used to represent the big insurance companies. He's taken over hundreds of thousands of dollars in his campaign from insurance companies, so it's hard to turn around after another four years and tell them no, and let them take advantage of people," Eaves said.

"I'm running for my re-election on my record. It's a record of performance, a record of promises made and promises kept," Barbour said.

Voters will have their say when they cast their ballots in Tuesday's election.