Mississippi Hurricane Recovery Campaign About To Go National

A grass-roots effort to raise millions of dollars for hurricane recovery in Mississippi is about to hit the national airwaves. On Friday, the "Finish the Job Fund" received a $5,000 donation from State Farm. The money will help volunteers spread the message about the campaign.

The "Finish the Job" Committee is asking every American to give $1 to the fund, so relief agencies can continue to help families who are still struggling after Katrina.

The committee launched the campaign on the second anniversary of Katrina. So far, the fund has raised about $1,800. Volunteers are working on a video, trying to encourage more people to donate.

"It's a collection of individuals who have been affected by the storm, telling their story a little bit," said Finish the Fund Committee Member Michelle Wilson. "There are some uplifting stories of how money has assisted them through this long-term recovery process, and some stories of those who haven't quite recovered yet. In order for us to continue, why we need this extra funding."

Wilson says thousands of families still need help, because they're still living in FEMA trailers or damaged houses. She says rebuilding from Katrina will take at least five years.