A Second Defendant Pleads Guilty To An Elderly Biloxi Woman's Murder

Courtroom observers said Matthew McKamey cried and expressed remorse while he pleaded guilty to the murder of a 93 year old Biloxi woman. McKamey will spend the rest of his life in jail. And won't be eligible for parole.

McKamey was 20 years old when he and an accomplice entered Iva Jewel Moore's home on Debuys Road and killed her.

McKamey's guilty plea came just days before his capital murder trial was supposed to begin.

McKamey could have gotten the death penalty for murdering Iva Jewel Moore. However, prosecutors struck a deal with the defendant. And Mrs. Moore's daughter-in-law says the family accepted it, because Mississippi's death penalty faces Supreme Court scrutiny, and the Moores don't want to go through 20 years of appeals.

McKamey is one of two men serving life sentences for the brutal death of Mrs. Moore. Earlier this year, Ryan Teague also pleaded guilty to murder.  When he was in court, he gave gruesome details of how the elderly woman was killed.

A third man pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact.  Clyde Gunter is in the middle of a five year prison sentence.

Mrs. Moore was murdered on February 24, 2005.