FEMA Trailer Parks Shutting Down

More FEMA trailer parks in South Mississippi are closing down. This week, contractors started moving trailers out of the Milner Stadium and John Hill Boulevard parks in Gulfport.

Seven FEMA-operated parks will close by the end of January. FEMA is either relocating the trailer residents to other parks, or finding them apartments or Mississippi Cottages.

Fifteen other sites have already shut down. Twenty-one parks will remain open, but the agency's goal is to move everyone out of trailers by the end of the year.

"They were never meant to be permanent housing options," said FEMA spokesperson Marcia Hill. "We don't want people staying in them any longer than they have to. Our case workers are working with the occupants on a case-by-case basis, trying to get everybody out as soon as possible. The housing deadline is March of '09. We don't want trailers here in March of '09, so we are trying to meet that ambitious goal."

FEMA says there are 365 trailers in the seven parks that are closing.