Kevin Burdine Is Keeping The Biloxi Indians In The Hunt For A Playoff Berth

For nine seasons Kevin Burdine served as Biloxi's assistant coach until last week. When Chuck Butler was relieved of his baseball duties, Burdine was named Indians interim head coach.

After two, games two victories, division wins over Pascagoula giving Biloxi a 7 and 3 record in the Division 8-5A ranks, one game behind league leading Gulfport.
Despite the wins the situation hasn't been easy for Burdine.

He said, "It's difficult for everybody. We're just going to hang in there and keep it going. Hopefully, we'll just keep on winning."

Indians ace Jacom "Jake" Davis will be on the mound Wednesday night when Biloxi battles Long Beach in a crucial division game. He's posted 6 wins and 2 losses and is batting .462.

He says Coach Burdine is getting the job done, "We knew Coach Burdine was very capable. He knows all the coaching assignments he needs to do and he does the right things. We have really hit the ball lately and had good games pitching and me and Bubba threw strikes in posting two consecutive wins."

That's Bubba Hall, the Indians other top pitcher who carries a 4 and 3 won-loss record. Bubba likes the way Kevin Burdine keeps an even keel while coaching.

Bubba said, "He always has a positive attitude about everything. If we do something bad he knows how to pick us up. Everything has come together the last two games. Things are going well right now."

The 14 and 10 Indians battle Long Beach Wednesday and Friday night in two crucial games that could determine whether or not the Indians will compete in the state playoffs.