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Rising Gas Prices May Keep Some Travelers Off The Road

Ted Liederbach is visiting Mississippi from Cleveland, Ohio. He and his wife have spent the past month traveling across the country visiting friends and relatives. He says he's watched gas prices skyrocket while on the road.

"When we started our trip, it was a $1.14. The last time I bought gas in Florida, it was $1.49. I just paid $1.35 in Alabama, not in Mississippi," he said.

With gas prices creeping up and summer vacations just around the corner, the question is, "will rising prices at the pumps put the brakes on summer travel?'."

Bud Beckett, a tourist from Texas says not at this time.

"Not at this price, but if it gets worse it would. Yes, we'll cut down on the amount of travel we do."

Ted Liederbach disagrees.

"I did pay $2 a gallon a couple of years ago, and I did pay it. I didn't stop then, and I don't think I'll stop now."

The Wyllys family is from Grand Rapids Mich. The family plans to spend spring break checking out the sights on the Coast. Ted Wyllys says rising gas prices is not necessary.

"A lot of it just seems to be around the holiday season, so when ever you go on spring break, Christmas, whatever, the prices seem to go skyrocketing, just take advantage of people when they're traveling."

Wyllys says climbing gas prices will definitely play a role in whether his family can take another vacation this summer.

"For an example, for us to go on a trip we had to think ahead money wise and put away for it in order to go, whereas, if the prices were at a fairly decent price, people wouldn't have to do that. They could just jump in the car and take off for a weekend. Now they've got to put money aside and plan ahead."

That's why he and his family plan to make the best of this trip because it maybe the last one they can take for a while.

Consumer experts say cutbacks in travel and rising gas prices will ultimately affect our economy.

By Al Showers

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