Pascagoula Welcomes New Businesses Downtown

"Downtown Pascagoula. There is a world of people that work down here. You got three or four restaurants," restaurateur Robert Boyd said.

But those folks will soon have more choices, once Boyd opens the doors to his new Blues Bar-B-Que Joint on Krebs Avenue. The businessman says while Pascagoula has a lot of job opportunities, there are not many places to grab hot meals.

"When you got 30 minutes, or 45 minutes, or something like that for lunch, you have to get somewhere you can eat and get back to work.  It's just something that people in the south expect to get, they expect good bar-b-que," Boyd said.

Good food and good places to shop are important to growing downtown Pascagoula. Main Street Director Rebecca Davis says the area took quite a beating from Katrina.

"As far as businesses, there were none for months, and months, and months. They are back now, plus added businesses, which is wonderful, and we are excited," Davis said.

Davis says about 20 new businesses have opened up shop in downtown Pascagoula, and many are locally owned.

"It not only brings back our tax dollars, but when we buy local, we are showing support to our community, and we are proud of it," Davis said.

On Delmas Avenue, Preservation Grill workers are preparing to serve up some excellent food for locals and tourists. While contractors work around the clock to complete the place for opening day, Executive Chef Dean Murray says the restaurant will surely add a little spice to Downtown Pascagoula.

"I grew up in this area, and I felt there was a void that needed to be filled. The downtown area is starting to come back, as it was pre-Katrina, and we are glad to be in on the front end of that," Murray said.

The city has built a new park and added extra parking spaces in Downtown Pascagoula for visitors.