Teens To Play Big Role In Biloxi Bay Bridge Dedication

Members of the Ocean Springs High School Choir are tuning up their vocal chords, gearing up for one of the biggest performances of their lives. On Thursday, they will entertain the crowd to mark the opening of the new Biloxi Bay Bridge.

"The bridge is going to be there when our kids are there, and it's a big part of our future," said Ocean Springs High Junior Rachel Harper.

"The band's playing, and I'm part of the band," said Ocean Springs High Freshman Tim Oster. "I think it'd be a good experience for everyone to play in front of everyone, the mayor."

"It'd be a good memory," Rachel said.

One of the most memorable moments will be a prayer and light vigil, to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in Katrina. The Ocean Springs and Biloxi High Bands will perform together.

"A bridge is always about bringing the community together," said Terry Breland, Assistant Principal of Ocean Springs High School. "Even the kids knew how important this ceremony was. It's just a once-in-a-lifetime event that they'll never be able to see again in their lives."

The JROTC's Honor Guard, the dance team, and cheerleaders will also be a part of the historic celebration.

"We, as members of a community, have rebuilt and are trying to rebuild. Our kids have gone through a lot as well too," Breland said. "And I think that bridge does represent the future, and I think the future is right here on this campus."

There will be plenty of entertainment on the Biloxi side of the bridge as well. The Biloxi High Jazz Band, Show Choir, Dance Team, band and cheerleaders will all perform. Click here for a complete list of activities.