400 Pound Alligator Trapped Near Gulfport Neighborhood And Hauled Away

"It was kind of like hooking onto a freight train, you know. They're very, very powerful animals. The only way to really catch them is to wear them down," said trapper Ryane Rawls.

It took four men to trap the eleven foot long alligator.

"People have been stopping along this road and blocking traffic, and it's kind of become a danger over the past couple of weeks with the traffic and all. He lays out sunning all day, everyday, and it's just best if we remove him from the area," Rawls said.

Debra Coleman, her boyfriend and two nieces were among the dozens of people watching as the alligator was hauled in.

"To our amazement, there was an alligator down there. I've never seen a live alligator," Coleman said.

Her niece, Ashiana White, said, "I thought he was gonna come up here and get us, and I'm glad they tied him down because I thought he was going to eat everybody up."

Amity LeBleu was also relieved. Sshe lives within a hundred feet of where the gator was trapped.

"We're really sad because we found out they're going to have to kill it. But we found out people were feeding it chicken, racoons and things like that. My mom lives right by the property adjacent the property where he was laying, so we were worried abut the children's safety because he's(her son) two, and we have a six year old and cousins and all that play in the neighborhood. We were afraid he might get one of the kids," LeBleu said.

No official word yet on what will be done with the alligator. Calls placed to the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries have not yet been returned.