Sea Wolves Return To The Mississippi Ice

It's been 30 months since the Mississippi Sea Wolves last skated the ice in a game at the Coliseum.  That changed, Saturday night.

For the first time since April 2005, the Wolves are back in their den, and they are fired up.

"The emotional, as well as the feel good story is finally going to come to head. You know, it's gonna hold a special place for them. They'll take it for what it's worth and certainly, we'll re-write a chapter here," said Sea Wolves Head Coach Steffon Walby.

"The light at the end of the tunnel is huge! And we are the professional sports team in south Mississippi, and we belong to the people here. And they've supported us like you couldn't need over the last couple of years. It's pretty exciting and special to see," Bill Yates, the Sea Wolves President said.

But not every member of the 2007 squad is making his south Mississippi debut, there are a few guys that played for the Sea Wolves before Katrina.

Travis Lisabeth spent four years with the team before Katrina, and he knows Sea Wolves' fans will be rocking out Saturday night.

"We're so ready for the home opener. I mean that's what we've been looking forward too. Just to start the season was a good starting point. But just to do it here, to get everybody back together and everybody in here at the same time. Hopefully we can come away with a win and we can change everybody's hearts," Lisabeth said.

The Wolves face the Reading Royals at the Coast Coliseum.