Students Proudly Wear Pink To Support Principal

The color pink popped up everywhere at West Wortham Elementary-Middle School.

"Why are you ladies in your pink shirts today?" the principal asked a group of girls.

"Because it's Pink Day," the students responded.

"And what's Pink Day all about?" she asked.

"Breast cancer," the students said.

The ladies certainly looked pretty in pink. And one young man wore a T-shirt with the words 'tough guys wear pink'.

Principal Cindy Grimes was tickled pink, seeing the huge show of support for such a good cause.

"It makes you very, very sick, and we need money to find a cure," Grimes told the children.

The students and teachers weren't just wearing pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They also did it to support their principal.

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer myself in August," Grimes said. "It sort of hit home with my staff and my students. They decided to do something in recognition of breast cancer awareness. Hopefully one day, we'll find a cure, and these little ones who are here today won't have to go through the things I'm going through."

"Now they know somebody who has it, even though they don't understand what it is. They know she's very sick," said teacher Melanie Upton.

Mrs. Grimes started chemotherapy last week.

"Question is, y'all going to love me when I'm bald?" she joked.

"Yeah!" the children answered.

Grimes is optimistic about her recovery, as long as she's surrounded by her loving school family.

"I have a position here where I need to be strong and in charge, and I can't always be that right now," Grimes said. "But God provided me with a good bunch of people here. And they'll pick me up and carry me through, and it's going to be all right."

West Wortham is also selling magnetic ribbons and pink bracelets to raise money to fight breast cancer. And a group of teachers and parents will join the "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk" this Saturday. The event starts at 9 AM at the Biloxi Town Green. Registration begins at 8 AM.