Moss Point Works To Eliminate Dilapidated Properties

Imagine living next to a condemned home, or maybe having a business across the street from a damaged residence.

"We have a few houses with roofs falling in, we have portions of a house that are just standing there," Moss Point Building Inspector David Nash said.

The eyesores have prompted Moss Point Building Inspector David Nash to aggressively crackdown on people who don't properly maintain their structures. This month alone, Nash has cited about 20 homes that are in violation of city ordinance.

"In the ordinance, you can't have abandoned houses in the city, it has been a nuisance too long," Nash said.

Nash says when empty structures just sit in neighborhoods, they pose safety concerns.

The city is now sending out non-compliance letters telling residents to clean up their properties, or be penalized.

"If you do not repair, or demo the house, you will be in front of the judge Then after that if you do not do anything about that, then we will tear down the house, and you will have to foot the bill," Nash said.

Moss Point Mayor Xavier Bishop supports these actions, he says in order to bring more economic interests to the city, it has to develop a better image.

"We are more than two years out from the storm, we are expecting people to do a little bit more to become compliant. It will behoove us to take care of this problem, so this can become a better place to do business, and a more attractive place to live," Moss Point Mayor Xavier Bishop said.

The city is encouraging residents to call Moss Point City Hall if they have dilapidated structures in their neighborhoods.