Prosecutors From Across The State Gather For The Mississippi Prosecutors Training Conference

In the past 16 years, Clay County Prosecutor Rufus Ward has seen his share of surprising criminal cases.

"It's amazing what people do," says Ward. "You just scratch your head and say, how in the world did they come up with that."

Identity theft is the latest unpleasant criminal surprise to crop up in Wards mostly rural North Mississippi County.

"With some of the refugees who had moved up to Clay County from the coast, we've experienced some identity problems," says Ward. "So, it's good to be focusing on how to address that, and what's going on with it."

Combating identity theft is just one of a long list of crimes up for discussion at the prosecutors training conference in Biloxi.

"We are always glad to be able to have the opportunity to train on what's the latest in legislation," says Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood. "What's the latest in case law, what issues will we be putting together this time for next legislative session that we want to work on."

Mississippi Prosecutors Association President Ben Creekmore says this twice a year gathering is also a great chance for city, county, state and federal prosecutors and district and assistant district attorneys from across the state, to meet face to face.

"Prosecutors face similar issues weather they're in the northern part of the state or the southern part of the state," says Creekmore. "And when you can all come together and discuss those issues together your better able to handle things in a collective way."

It's a chance to network with peers that Rufus Ward says no prosecutors can afford to miss.

"Every prosecutor needs help, and if anybody says they don't, they're crazy," says Ward.

The Conference runs through Friday.