Purvis Man Killed In Highway 49 Crash

A Purvis man was killed Saturday night after a car accident on Highway 49 in McHenry.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol says Robert Shows, 48 was the passenger in a car driven by Gladys Bickham, 71, of Moselle. Bickham failed to yield to southbound traffic on Highway 49, the accident report said. Shows died at the scene of the crash. Highway Patrol officials were not sure whether he was wearing a seatbelt.

The Highway Patrol says a car driven by Lester Robert, 45, of Laurel, hit Bickham's car. Robert received cuts on both arms, his head and stomach, the Highway Patrol said.

A third car was hit after the first two collided. The driver of that car, Orville Reeder, 29, of Wiggins, was also injured. The drivers of all three vehicles were taken to the hospital.

The accident happened about seven Saturday night at the intersection of North McHenry Road and Highway 49.

The Highway Patrol says the accident is still under investigation.