Christians Find Early Morning Service Inspirational

Some people got up early Sunday morning to praise God at services outside Edgewater Mall in Biloxi and at the base of the Courthouse Road pier in Gulfport. For some Christians there is nothing like worshiping during the wee hours of Easter morning.

"It's the greatest feeling in the world to watch that sun come up out there," said Gulfport resident Regina Plummer. "Just the greatest feeling in the world."

Christians who gathered for sunrise services couldn't see much sun because of the heavy fog. That didn't matter for folks like the Baileys who say Easter is not about the weather. It's about praising God together.

"It's a family enjoyment that we love to do," said Sam Bailey. "Whether it be going down to the beach or coming to the church services and this is something that we wanted to raise the boys on the family traditions of our past and hopefully when they grow up they'll bring it on to their family."

Because Jesus' empty tomb was found early in the morning, some people of the Christian faith say they find the morning service spiritually uplifting.

"What brings me back I guess is the morning spiritual thing," Mary Colenman, an Ocean Springs resident said. "To get my day started then lead me back to church and we have another service at the church."

Some people say it feels good to take services outside the church walls, but no matter where or when they worship they say of the gospel is still the same. Many people said they also planned to attend services at their churches later in the day.