Ocean Springs Invests In City Water System

Reading water meters in Ocean Springs is huge physical challenge for John Bosarge. "Some of them are flooded, some for them are buried under mud, some are in bushes," City Worker John Bosarge said. The city worker says many times, he has to call on extra hands to help out. "We have to have all meters read by a certain time of month, and if we do have significant amounts of rain, it's difficult to get everything read." The days of riding from house to house reading meters is about to end in Ocean Springs.

Public Works Director Andre' Kaufman says the city has borrowed more than 2 million dollars in state funds, to replace the old water meters with 8 thousand remote read systems. "Remote meaning it will be read from a tower down to the ground. The major difference will be the antennas throughout town, it will allow the city to read all 8 thousand meters at one time," Public Works Director Andre' Kaufman said. Kaufman says the new meters will eliminate several current problems in the city, including inaccurate readings, and high replacement costs. "Your bill will be 100 percent accurate. It also has a feature called leak detection, on a daily basis the billing department will be able to run a report that will identify any meter that read continuously," Kaufman said.

Kaufman says this replacement project is the start of a major water system renovation in the city. "We are putting a new well in town, we are running some major transmission lines, we are looking about  5.3 million in total." An investment Kaufman says will help improve the quality of life in Ocean Springs. TAG Kaufman says he expects to award the project, and get it approved by the Board of Alderman within the next few months. The project is slated to begin by January 2008.