Fire Forces Three Families out of Home

Suzette Patty spent most of Saturday morning trying to save as many pictures and other mementos as she could from her burned out apartment.

"A lot of old memories [are] gone. A lot of old pictures of my 12-year-old that I'll probably never ever see again," said Patty.

Firefighters say the blaze started in Patty's apartment around 8:25 Friday night. Fortunately, Patty and her two daughters were not at home. They were still in the process of moving in.

Patty says most of their belongings were still in boxes.

"It's hard. It's hard to know everything I worked for is just gone, " she said. "You never know [until] it happens to you, how grateful you are."

Patty's apartment was destroyed, and two other families were affected. Ethel Watts was just coming home. She walked in her door, not knowing what to expect.

"When I came and opened the door, I saw the blaze just coming from everywhere," said Watts.

Firefighters say they don't how or why the blaze started, but hope to get some answers over the next few days.