Businesses Brace Themselves For Black Spring Break

Edgewater Mall will be open regular mall hours during the April 5th weekend. However, all the south entrances from Highway 90 will be closed except to emergency vehicles.

As the spring break crowds got bigger last year, many businesses in Edgewater Village closed early. The ice cream shop was one of them. Owner Warren Ford says if Black Spring break comes back this year, he'll open as usual on Saturday, but he's not sure for how long.

"If the area's so congested that none of my customers or out of town guests can get to me, it just makes good business logic to close. I can't afford to pay my employees to stand around and not sell ice cream," Ford said.

Ford says based on what he has seen the last two years, the spring breakers aren't big ice cream eaters, and it's just not worth keeping his doors open.

The beach front Munro Shell stations will close early too. Owner Jerry Munro says he wants to keep his employees safe from some of the rowdy crowds.

"The majority of folks have a great time, but it just seems like the unruly people come out after dark and it's just easier to let our folks go home and know they're going to be safe and be back the next day, back to work."

The Sea Wolves home game at the Coliseum will go on as scheduled Friday, April 5th. Sea Wolves management isn't too worried fans won't be able to get to the game.

"We've found out that Friday is not really a problem as far as traffic and so forth," owner John Gagnon said. "Obviously there's some people coming in, but it does not affect us at all as far as traffic, like if it would have been on Saturday. And that's also if it's going to be here. Everybody's making a very big thing out of this, and I don't think anything's going to happen."