GAO Puts A Halt On First Class Travel For Federal Employees

When you take a personal or business trip do you fly first class?  Probably Not.  Most individuals cannot justify or afford to fly first class.

However a recent Government Accountability Office study found federal employees wasted at least 146 million dollars in just one year flying either first or business class.

One Federal Executive spent 163 thousand dollars during that year on 25 first class tickets.

Another federal employee spent 105 thousand dollars on 15 first class tickets.

It seems these and many other federal employees thought they were entitled to take your money and spend it on the first class tickets.

We applaud the GAO investigators for using the sunshine law to show these blatant violations.

Now they need to apply the law to its fullest extent on those who illegally spent our money.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager