FEMA Park Residents Behind Milner Stadium In Gulfport Confused Over Move-Out Date

Richard Clements says he would feel a lot less frustrated if he could get everybody with FEMA to agree upon a move-out date.

"If I have a firm date, then I know I can work towards that date, and I know that's the end date," says Richard Clement, Gulfport FEMA Park.

FEMA sent out a press release saying the park where Clements lives is scheduled to close November 30th. But, all the residents must be out 30 days prior to the closing date, that would put Clements move-out date somewhere around the end of October. Clements received word from his FEMA park manager that he had to be out by October 25th. But, Clements says he's confused because his FEMA case advisor told him something else.

"My advisor has been telling me all along it's going to be November or December," says Clements.

The house in which Clements hopes to live should be ready by Thanksgiving.  He'd like to be able to stay in the trailer until then.  Clements says he's been looking for a temporary place, but, all he's been able to find right now are 6 month leases.

"I only need housing for a short-term then I'll be off FEMA's back," says Clements.

Aprille Kaiser says she too has a place but can't move in until she finds 185 dollars to put down on a deposit for electricity. She says she's trying to figure out a way to get the money but knowing exactly when she has to move out would help.

"It's quite difficult wondering what to do and how to do it. There just doesn't seem to be a solution," says Kaiser.

"You're just riding a rollercoaster.  Believe me, I'm very thankful to FEMA and the help they've given us over the last two years.  But there again, I'm just upset because they're not giving us enough notice. Notice is all I need," says Clement.

FEMA spokesperson, Marcia Hill says FEMA cannot confirm Clement's October 25th move-out date.  But, Hill says case workers have been keeping residents informed that they will have to move out 30 days prior to the park's close date.

If park residents have questions about notices or about what case workers are telling them, they can call the Mississippi Applicant Support Call Center at 1-866-877-6075.