New Orleans Hornets and Feed The Children Team Up To Help Feed Families

Lines of cars snaked up and down the streets of East Biloxi, all waiting for the chance to meet the New Orleans Hornets.  They partnered up with Feed the Children to help pass out food and hygiene boxes to about 800 needy families.  While many are use to seeing the players make big moves on the court, those who received items say it's the players' big hearts that really made an impact on them.

"I think it's great for people to keep thinking about people in Biloxi and that people don't forget about us down here. Cause we went through a lot down here," says Cecile Franklin, Biloxi.

Players say when it comes to giving back it's not always about what you give out of your pocket.

"I think a lot times when people hear about giving back they're like, well, I don't have that much money to give.  It's not always about the money and the materialistic things you give.  It's all about time.  Time is the most valuable thing I think anybody has.  When our team can come out and give our time before a game, that's what it's all about," says Chris Paul, Point Guard New Orleans Hornets

Raikene Edwards came to see his favorite player Chris Paul.  He aspires to be like him both on and off the court.

"It's good they give back to the community, help out and support it," says Edwards.

One of their main jobs right now is giving back to the community and showing the community  that we do care.

"Our role is very significant as far as I'm concerned, and we try as much as possible to assure the community how much we do support them and understand what they've gone through," says Byron Scott, Head Coach of the New Orleans Hornets.

The Salvation Army helped coordinate efforts for the team and Feed the Children.  Despite the good time both players and families shared in the giving, there was still a game to be played.

The players had no problem assuring people what the outcome would be.

"We are going to win guaranteed," says Chris Paul.

And the New Orleans Hornets did win the game.  They beat the Miami Heat 92 to 85.