Jackson County Fire Department Looking To Recruit Volunteer Firefighters

It's another early morning truck inspection for Firefighter Bryan Alford and Assistant Chief David Peto.  The firefighters say it's always good to check their vehicles and equipment because they never know when an alarm will sound.

"Serve the people and help the community," Firefighter Bryan Alford said about his job.

But for last 26 months, protecting and serving parts of Jackson County have been difficult for this small team.

"We do not have a lot of people," Assistant Chief David Peto said.

The fire crew says the storm has cut the St. Andrews-Gulf Parks Estates Volunteer Roll in half.

"When I joined, I think we had 25 members; now I think we have, including paid personal, 11." Peto said.

"A lot of people have moved out of the area, and a lot of people do not have time anymore," Alford said.

The lack of manpower has left these firemen with an enormous workload.

"Rolling up a hose, or cleaning up afterwards, not having volunteers means we are going to have to do that a little bit longer," Peto said.

To get more people interested in fighting fires, the fire department decided to create signs and banners to place in the community.

Recruiting more help is great, and rewarding idea to Jackson County Supervisor John McKay.  Supervisor McKay represents St. Andrews and Gulf Park Estates.

"Cost of insurance keeps going up, and this is one way you can help hold your cost down, and help protect your property.  We will provide training, you do not have to be a registered firefighter," McKay said.

Hopefully those benefits will encourage more people to protect and serve.

If you are interested in signing up to be a volunteer firefighter please call 228-872-5341.