WLOX's David Vincent Honored For Contributions To Journalism

Friday night in Atlanta, the National Academy of Arts and Sciences Southeast Chapter is honoring WLOX Station Manager and News Director David Vincent. The Academy is inducting David into its prestigious Silver Circle.

The Silver Circle recognizes television journalists who have worked 25 years or more in the industry and have made significant contributions to the Southern regional market. Indeed, that is what Dave Vincent has done in his 30 years here at WLOX.

"Dave is a true newsman, a true journalist, but he's also a phenomenal teacher," Good Morning America Anchor Robin Roberts said. "He has nurtured a lot of young talent over the years, including myself. And it was such a blessing, someone like Dave as my guide early on. He taught me things that I still draw upon here at Good Morning America. He is so deserving of this honor."

"Dave Vincent is a terrific journalist, a wonderful news director," CNN Correspondent Kathleen Koch said. "When I first met him he was senior reporter at WLOX. I was still a student at USM working there for the summer, and Dave was kind enough to let me shadow him several times, learn the ropes. I have to say he gave me advice about the business that has really been a major motivating factor for me in my career."

Dave got his start in journalism in radio, working for Armed Forces Korean Network as a newscaster. Once back stateside, he stayed a radio man until 1977. That's when his WLOX career began.

Weather would dominate Dave's career from reporter to weekend anchor, assignment editor, news director and to his role today as WLOX's Station Manger and News Director. On August 29, 2005, Dave faced the responsibility of covering Hurricane Katrina while keeping his staff safe.

"We had 50 people in the station working," Dave remembered.

WLOX continued broadcasting through the storm, even as Katrina's powerful winds tore apart the building.

"Oh, it looked like it was a war zone. There were ceiling tiles down everywhere, there was water coming in, wind blowing through. It was just muck," Dave said.

"We had so many people come up to us and said to us, 'If you hadn't been there during the height of the storm.' You know, because they had little battery powered television sets. 'We wouldn't have made it,'" Dave said.

Dave is among 12 other fine journalists the Academy is inducting. Our congratulations go out to our boss and colleagues on this high honor.