Families Hit Beach For Spring Break

Spring break business in Biloxi this week is primarily a family affair.

The Coast has long been a favorite getaway for families. And Easter break is among the busiest times of the year on the beach.

Thursday's sunny weather gave all beach visitors a very favorable impression of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

"My face is going to get so burned," cried Corey Hade, as his friends buried him in the sand.

Burying a friend and chasing down a Frisbee are the kinds of things you do when you're a young person visiting the sunny South from Minnesota and Wisconsin.

"It's really nice. The weather's been great this week. We're having a good time. Nice and relaxing," Ryan Fischer said.

Holly Sibley found a wild ride on a jet ski the way to relax. The bartender from Little Rock gives the Coast high marks.

"Definitely the beach. And the people. The people are really nice. And the food. The food's cool," Sibley said.

No complaints about this week's weather. Beach visitors raved about the sunshine and warm temperatures.

A group from Wisconsin was wrapping up a five-day visit.

"I think it's beautiful. It's nice. The weather's been great. It's gotten sunny and stuff," Missy Mills said.

"We went to Beauvoir. Been on the beach a lot. Touring. Eating."

That's a typical itinerary for Biloxi beach visitors. It's a family friendly getaway that many appreciate, especially over spring break.

"Kind of a nice place to go getaway and not have to deal with a lot of the Spring break stuff that goes on. But still have some fun," Iowa visitor Cam Weaver said.

That's a pretty good description of the spring break beach business in Biloxi this week.