Gaston Point Celebrates Progress And Promise

Mission teams from Michigan and Canada help rehab storm damaged homes on Stewart Avenue.

The visiting volunteers are an ongoing source of hope for a Gaston Point community that's still in the recovery stage.

"And it's amazing what God can do out of what most people consider a bad thing. But we have people that will receive new homes. We have homes that have been repaired. There's just a lot more hope and a lot more optimism in the Gaston Point community now," said Rev. Lee Adams, who sits on the board of the Gaston Point Community Development Corporation.

Thursday morning, leaders cut a ribbon at an old Scout Hut. The renovated building is the new headquarters for the development corporation.

There's more to celebrate next door. A long abandoned old fire station is being converted into a storage barn. It will house construction materials used for repairing storm damaged homes.

"We're going to be doing work throughout the community. And we're primarily focusing on Gaston Point right now. Perhaps one day we may expand across the city," said Sidney Rushing.

For now, there's plenty of work to keep volunteers busy, and a new headquarters for a group that's intent on helping Gaston Point recover.

Jimmie Jenkins represents the West Gulfport Civic Group.

"We're striving to do all we can in our community to bring it back. We welcome the volunteers coming in, doing what they can. But we feel like we're obligated to do what we can do also," said Jenkins.

One new headquarters and a storage project underway are evidence of that obligation.

The Gaston Point Community Development Corporation is located on 12th Street, just off 38th Avenue in Gulfport. Along with repairing storm damaged homes, the group is also involved with several new home construction projects.