Black Spring Break Plan In Place

Police called it venting, when they diverted traffic to Interstate 10 last year in order to keep Highway 90 clear. Locals called it painful and frustrating when they got funneled in and sent miles out of their way.

Police admit it was a mistake not telling people that would happen That's why Biloxi Chief Bruce Dunagan says they're warning people this year.

"If we have to vent again this year to flow that traffic out, anybody that's driving along down in that area, that's down cruising to see what's going on, will get caught in it again," the chief said.

That could be more likely on Friday, April 5th. The Sea Wolves will play at home that night, and the chief warns getting to the coliseum might be tricky.

"So if the locals are coming down to go to the hockey, certainly we'll work with everybody to get to their destination at the coliseum but again if we have huge crowds of spring breakers, and we have a lot of locals coming to a hockey game, we'll get them there. It's just going to take a little longer and they'll have to be more patient."

Like last year, one eastbound and one westbound lane of Highway 90 will be restricted to emergency vehicles only. The remaining two lanes open for traffic.

Like last year, drivers who don't follow the rules will have their cars towed and impounded at the coliseum. And like last year, police will use the Edgewater Mall parking lot to process the people they arrest.

Chief Dunagan urges people to follow news reports.

"If you're local, you need to stay tuned. We'll be putting out Internet sites, it'll be on the radios, newspaper and here on WLOX to stay tuned constantly for any changes, and we'll get those out as soon as we can through the media," Dunagan said.

We should know on Monday if Black Spring Break will come back to Biloxi or head over to New Orleans. Dunagan says one hundred police officers from agencies across the state are on standby to arrive next Thursday.