Woman Campaigns To Bring Casinos To Moss Point

Mary Green says since moving to Moss Point in the 50s, she has watched the city lose its spunk and character.

"This is called the Golden Gulf Coast. When they come into this city, we have nothing," Green told WLOX News.

Green says when big industries closed, like the International Paper Mill, Moss Point's economic value dwindled.

"We can't say we have anything as far as revenues here that will help us out with the taxes and good stuff."

Green says she knows where to find the good stuff.

"I want a casino in my town."

Green has launched a one woman campaign to push city leaders and her fellow citizens to support bringing a casino to Moss Point.

"I am a deaconess in the church, I would be one of the ones to go with petitions, I would be one of the ones to say, 'yes,'" Green said.

"We are not quite ready for the neon lights," Moss Point business owner Philip Scordino said.

Scordino sees casinos as a bad fit and just too much of a gamble for the city.

"It would be a dominant industry, a dominant presence, and to become dependent on it, and it may go away some day," Scordino said.

Instead of casinos, Scordino says the city should attract smaller business, like his gift shop, to help boost the economy.

"We can use some medium size, industrial size businesses, just like we are getting at Northrop Grumman, at Trent Lott Airport.  The cement plant that just opened, all that can help bring people in, and get the tax base up."

Mayor Xavier Bishop says a casino is an economic tool, and like any other development it could bring opportunity.

Bishop says no casino developers have approached him. After all, right now, gaming isn't legal in Jackson County.