Construction Workers Compete In First Contractor Games

"Ready?" the announcer asked a contestant.

The adrenaline was building, and the competition was fierce.

"Got to beat 13. Got to beat 13," said the announcer.

Hundreds of construction workers took turns, pounding as many nails as possible in only 30 seconds.

"Ten seconds. Come on," the announcer shouted.

On Wednesday, White Cap Construction Supply of Gulfport hosted the first Contractor Games to test each worker's speed, skill, and precision.

"We try and design a competition for each trade, so they can all be competing in and have a chance to win a Harley Davidson," said White Cap Manager Scott Brown. "The objective was to give back to our customers. They've been very good to us our first year."

The competition pitted contractor against contractor. Even husbands against wives. Gary Webb did better than his wife Lucy in the Ultimate Tradesman Contest.

"I did better than what I expected," said Lucy Webb, a concrete finisher.

The contractors are pros when it comes to handling tools on the job site. But they've never felt this much pressure.

"Yeah, I was nervous the first time," said Gary Webb, a concrete finisher.

The contestants seemed to enjoy the friendly competition, and showed a lot of pride in their craft.

The winner of each of the eight contests received a key. Only one key started the engine of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Congratulations to John Holbrook for winning the grand prize.