Page 13 Spotlights Lazy Magnolia Brewery

Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company is Mississippi's only brewery. The company has been making gourmet beer in Hancock County since 2003.

"Our original plan was to cover Mississippi. Now we've moved into Alabama and Florida with plans to start selling in Tennessee and Louisiana" Brewmaster Leslie Henderson said.

A stop at the Lazy Magnolia web site reveals a list of all the bars, restaurants and stores in the region that sell Lazy Magnolia's flavored, handcrafted brews.

Leslie enjoys all aspects of brewing beer South Mississippi style.

"The creativity of it all, all the new people I get to meet. Everyday is an adventure," Henderson said.

Leslie and her husband Mark continue to come up with new ideas to reach new markets. Plans are in the works to start a bottling operation later this year, which will take this South Mississippi brewery to the next level.