Costume Stores Busy for Halloween

Halloween is a little more than two weeks away, but it's not only the kids who plan to dress up. Josette's in Biloxi has been busy with customers, hoping to find the right outfit for Halloween.

Eighteen-year-old Nick Cox has some tough decisions to make. He's trying to find the perfect costume to go trick or treating in this year. Nick's been trick or treating since he was knee-high and doesn't plan to stop anytime soon.

"I remember the first thing I was, that I can remember, I was like Peter Pan, and then I was Pinocchio the next year," Cox said. "You're never too old to go trick or treating, like ever."

Traci Payne and her nine-year-old son Travin were a few aisles over, also looking for costumes.

"The majority of the things that I've seen are just really different are just the way the adults are getting into the spirit, and a lot of the adults are dressing up," Traci said.

Travin eventually decided on a vampire outfit.

Josette's owners say there are still plenty of costumes to choose from, but the early birds get the biggest selection.

"We try to have a large variety instead of having a lot of one costume, because people don't like to see themselves coming and going, and this year we have a lot of larger sizes," said Josette's owner Tex Locklar.

The weekend before Halloween is their busiest time.