Should Cell Phones Use Be Regulated By The Government?

Should there be a law against someone using a hand held cellular phone while driving. Right now, that is the case only in the state of New York, but some states are considering some type of restrictions. Jim Richmond is area manager for a company that's been in the cell phone business for a long time on the coast. He says his company has a neutral stance conerning any proposed law that would restrict hand held cell phone use in cars.

"That is not an issue we would not fight," says Richmond, he added, " we do push safety that is the big issue."

Besides talking up safety and using common sense, Richmond sales people also tell customers that for an extra charge, their phone can be hands free in the car.

He thinks eventually Mississippi will pass some kind of law concerning the use of cell phones while driving. Says Richmond,

"We saw that New York passed a law a while back, we thought maybe several other states would jump on it, but for whatever reason, they shied away from it."

One of those states is Mississippi, where several bills to restrict drivers use of cell phones died in the legislature, and Wednesday, lawmakers overrode the Governor's veto of a bill that would have left cellphone regulations up to individual cities and counties.

The mayor of Biloxi says to impose a law that would make it unlawful to talk on your car cell phone in one city or county, and not another, would be ludicrous.

"In Harrison County," the mayor added, " you have five different municipalities, five different laws, and imagine if you drove over to Jackson County or Hancock County and you had to deal with a totally different set of laws, it would just be total confusion."

Holloways says he would not be against such a law, but feels it would have to apply to the entire state.

By Jeff Lawson