St. Martin Woman Asks For Help Rescuing A Kitten

A seven week old kitten climbed up a tree on Sunday and is now afraid to come down.

Lorraine Lee, who lives in St. Martin, says she noticed that the cat was 40 to 50 feet up in the tree Monday morning. She knew something was wrong Sunday night when the kitten didn't come to eat.

Lee says she has contacted everyone she could think of, but unfortunately no one has offered to help rescue the kitten, which she believes is getting weak. The kitten moves around the branch, but won't come down.

"Well, the mother kept meowing at me and kept walking towards the back of the yard, so I followed the mama cat and then I heard the baby crying up in the tree. And I've tried to coax her down with no luck," Lee said. "I have called the Sheriff's Department, I've called the Humane Society, and nobody seems to say they can help me. If anybody can help me in any kind of way to get this poor cat down, I would really appreciate it."

If you can help rescue the kitten, call Lorraine Lee at (228) 547-0333.