Coliseum May Not Be Available If Black Spring Break Returns

Last year, thousands of black spring-breakers partied on the grounds of the Coast Coliseum . But if the big party comes back to the coast this year, the Coliseum could be off-limits.

The Mississippi Sea Wolves could have a playoff game the first weekend in April, which is the same weekend Black Spring Break has been here for the last two years.

No one knows yet if the event will come back, if it does, coliseum director Bill Holmes says county and city leaders have asked him to open the coliseum grounds again to relieve traffic on Highway 90.

"There's nothing scheduled here on the grounds, but we explained to them there's a possibility we may have a playoff game in that time frame, and we have to take care of our business first," Holmes said.

"We're waiting to see basically what happens with the playoffs, and we're waiting to see, we don't want to be premature and say 'Hey, it's going to happen because it's not out there on the website.' They're merely taking a vote."

Holmes says he'll know next Monday or Tuesday if the Sea Wolves will have a home playoff game. The Black Spring Break web site says a decision will be made soon on whether the party will come here again or go to New Orleans.