Casinos Challenge Each Other On The Baseball Diamond To Help Habitat For Humanity

The Beau's Barracudas and The Grand Biloxi's Hurricanes were just two of ten teams who came out swinging for a good cause. In all six casinos competed, some entered two or more teams.

Some players had no problem telling you who was the best team on the field.

"It's no question whose the best team out here, we win everything ," says Horatio Powe, Beau Barricudas' Assistant Coach.

But, others were more modest.

"I probably should say we are (the best team). But, actually, we still have three or four that are still in it that look pretty good. I can't pick names out," says Connie Stewart, Tournament organizer.

Some weren't shy about sharing their strategy to burn up the bases.

"What we're going to do is we're going to come out hard, hitting hard, then defense, and we're going to get this thing going," says Powe.

Other teams took a slightly different approach to ensure a win.

"They keep me on the bench," says Wesley Ward, The Hurricanes (The Grand Biloxi).

By early afternoon, the teams' strategies appeared to be working out pretty well.

"We've done pretty good; we're a little behind on this one, but we'll put it out. The other team is awesome. They're wearing pink, but we can't hold that against them," says Ward.

The team that wore  pink was called Taking Names.  They're one of two teams playing for the Grand Biloxi.

The players say a win means much more than just bragging rights.

"Of course, everyone wants to win but the real winners are the charity," says Ward.

All the money from the baseball tournament will benefit Habitat for Humanity.

The tournament took place in Hiller Park in Biloxi.

Next year, organizers plan to make the tournament a three-day event.