Ron Paul Supporters Spreading The Word In South Mississippi

He's a fringe presidential candidate who has a large, loyal following on the Internet.

If you've not yet heard of Ron Paul, you may have seen his signs in South Mississippi. Supporters are working to spread the word about the campaign of this Congressman from Texas.

The Republican candidate is against the war and a strong supporter of constitutional government. Paul is well known in Congress for voting against any bill that isn't expressly authorized by the Constitution.

His supporters consider Paul more than just a long shot.

"It's a nice change. We've been hearing the same thing from the GOP candidates. They all sound the same. The Democrats sound just like the Republicans. There's nobody that's making any kind of sense. They all want either big government, more spending. They're not dealing with illegal immigration. Ron Paul has a plan for all those ailments," Parke Nicholson said.

Ron Paul advocates a dramatic reduction in the size of the federal government and a return to constitutional principles. His campaign raised more than $5 million in the third quarter. That compares to $11 million raised by front-running Republican Rudy Giuliani.