Merchants & Marine Bank Celebrates 75 Years In Business

The sounds of horns blowing and majorettes dancing, kicked off the big birthday bash.

For 75 years, this hometown bank has continued to serve and employee thousands of South Mississippians, like long time worker Barbara Bass.

"I have been in Merchants & Marine Bank for 36 years" Bass said.

Warren Gautier's family is considered the first business to make a deposit into M&M Bank.

"We have been with the bank, uninterrupted, since 1932," Gautier said.

Friday's party was a way for the bank to say thank-you to the community, while also officially opening its new multi-million dollar facility.

"I am a good debit paying customer of M&M Bank," Pascagoula Mayor Matthew Avera said.

During the event, Mayor Avera praised M&M Bank for its great business leadership and its dedication to the city.

"What you see before, and behind you, is a testament of their commitment."

The bank's commitment to the coast is what stands out to Mississippi Senator Trent Lott. He even credits the bank for helping him pay for college.

"That is where I got the $400 to get me through my freshman year at Old Miss. It is where I had my first checking account, and it is where I got my first loan after college," Lott said.

Bank President Royce Cumbest says that kind of service and help is what he will continue to promote.

"We feel like it is not just about dollars and profit, but we try to focus on relationships that we build with people," Cumbest said.

Cumbest says the bank is planning to build a new branch in the northern part of Jackson County.