Drivers Bypassing Traffic Via Iberville Drive Causing Problems, Residents Say

Hundreds of drivers a day use Iberville as a shortcut to avoid traffic congestion. The street is a popular cut-through for people headed north on Washington Avenue.

But city leaders say that's just too many cars for any small neighborhood to be having to go through it. That's why ward one alderman Curtis Lloyd is pushing a plan to prevent the popular right hand turn from Iberville onto Washington. He's hopeful such a barrier will effectively eliminate the shortcut.

"We're going to look at it, and if we see people going around who are trying to get around it and still use it, then we'll come back and do other things, try to tweak it so it works for everybody in the neighborhood," Lloyd said.

Neighbors told us it's becoming a dangerous situation with drivers speeding through the neighborhood. The number of those using the shortcut has also increased since the construction work at Highway 90 and Washinton Avenue is causing even more traffic congestion.

Leaders of this church at Iberville Drive and Washington Avenue told me their biggest concern is limiting the accessibility of their members. They also worry that some drivers might eventually use the church parking lot as a shortcut around a traffic barrier.

Not surprisingly, many drivers who use Iberville oppose any plans to prevent the shortcut.

"I don't like it because of the traffic on Highway 90. It's just an easy access to get onto North Washington. They really need to do something with that light on North Washington," one driver said.

Another told WLOX news, "You've got all that traffic going on right now, and this is easier access back to the road to the main highway. So, I think they should leave it alone."

The board of alderman will have the final say on what, if anything, will be done to control traffic on Iberville. Alderman Lloyd says the issue may be voted on at the board meeting Wednesday night.