Sen. Lott Visits With Retirement Home Residents

Residents of the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport say they have a champion in Sen. Trent Lott. The senator was instrumental in getting Congress to pass $22 million in upgrades for the center formerly known as the Naval Home.

Lott has shared many milestones with the residents of the Armed Forces Retirement Home. He was here when it opened its doors in 1976 and again when the home celebrated it's 20th anniversary. So when he helped the home get millions of dollars for improvements, residents invited him back once again to celebrate.

"I think the quality of life here now is very good, and it makes me feel good when I talk to the residents and they're happy with the changes that have been made," Lott said.

Change came after residents expressed their concerns to Lott about the future of the home, and he took up their cause to Washington. Some residents say it's reassuring to know that someone listens to what they have to say.

"To me, it means quite a bit. It shows to me that he has an interest in the home and for the welfare of the residents here," resident Nick DiCampli said.

Another retirement home resident, Peter Louque, said, "We send him letters of thanks. He is our friend, and he is our friend in time of need."

Lott told residents that they where among America's greatest generation of men and women, and it's the nation's duty to support them.

"These people served our country during one of the most important times in the history of the world," Lott said. "I think we owe them a good place to come in retirement."

Lott got the chance see how some of the $22 million going to the home will be spent. During his tour, Lott got see an example of the new, larger rooms that residents will be living in.

by Danielle Thomas