The Big Top Stops In Biloxi

It's a family tradition that's more than a century old. We're talking about the Cole Brothers Circus of the Stars. This week, the traveling circus made a stop in Biloxi.

The seats are empty under the big top about an hour before the show and workers are scrambling to put on those final touches.

"It's basically like going to any other work, it really is, except you're already there. You are just a five minute walk away from your workplace," says Vladimir Kim.

Kim is a part of the Cole Brothers Circus. His workday starts at the ticket booth, but about an hour later, the ticket taker transforms into a horseback juggler.

"Part of my current act is my brother, my mother and me. We already had horses, we kind of knew how to juggle, so we said, 'Let's do it, since no one else is doing it,'" Kim said.

The same holds true for Chris Connors.

"I come about an hour before the show to make sure that everything looks good," says Connors.

Connors is the company's media specialist, performance director and the ringmaster.

This year's show features "The Sphere in Danger" where motorcyclists race through a globe as it splits in half. Circus goers will also see the flying trapeze, where acrobats soar at death defying heights.

The crazy clowns are also back for an encore performance. So are the enormous elephants and all that circus food.

While this year's roster may look a little different from years past, leaders say the mission of the 123-year-old circus remains the same.

"There are two things: The big top and children's faces. If we entertain you, then we did our job," Connors said.

Our very own Rhonda Weidner was the guest ringmaster at Tuesday afternoon's performance.

If you didn't get to see the show in Biloxi, you can catch the circus in Gautier next Monday and Tuesday. Showtimes are 4:30pm and 7:30pm.