Dying Woman Gets Dream To Be With Family

An elderly woman suffering from a terminal disease will spend her last days with her family. It's all thanks to a non-profit organization that helps make the wishes of the dying come true. The Dream Foundation paid to get 77-year-old Gloria Clark back with the daughter she'd not seen in more than two years.

Two years of longing to see her family was finally about to end for Gloria Clark. She waited patiently in the lobby of the Biloxi Community Living Center for her daughter's arrival.

"I can't hardly believe it so I'm kind of numb," she said. "I just want to give my grandkids a big hug."

Clark's social worker at Odyssey Hospice contacted the Dream Foundation on her behalf. Dream grants wishes of adults who've been given less than a year to live. The organization agreed to reunite a Clark family divided by a hurricane.

Social worker Beth Howard said, "After Katrina her daughter here had lost her home and moved back to Kansas City and they had no way to get her back."

Cheryl Clark's arrival was an emotional moment for mother and daughter who both feared it would never happen.

"It takes your breath away," said a teary-eyed Cheryl. "I hadn't seen her since before Katrina. For me, it's been really bad because I know she's sick and I didn't think I'd ever see her alive again."

Not only did the Dream Foundation pay for Cheryl Clark's trip to Biloxi, but the group also paid travel expenses for the two to go back to Kansas City together for good.

"She would have ended up living probably the rest of her life with no family," said Howard. "No one to visit. This is going to mean the world to her to have family around her and be able to see her grandkids."

Gloria Clark said, "I can't wait until I see those kids. They don't even know their grandmother, but I'll squeeze it out of them."

Gloria and Cheryl Clark say they are extremely grateful to the California-based Dream Foundation.