Tax Commission Sends Out Notices In Error

The Mississippi State Tax Commission has sent out notices to some taxpayers stating that their taxes were prepared incorrectly and they owe money. The problem is many of those notices are incorrect.

Accountants all across the state have taken calls from clients who received the letter in error.    The Tax Commission confirms that about 40,000 notices were sent out as they begin their billing cycle. Some have mistakes, while others do not.

Joey Hines with Tann, Brown & Russ of downtown Jackson says the same situation occurred back in April of this year. He said the Tax Commission is using new software and trying to work out some glitches.

"We have simply talked to them, shown them a number of these notices. It's my understanding they're right now working on those en masse, trying to make corrections and issue letters to these taxpayers saying there is no error and their returns are okay as filed," Hines said.

If you feel you've received such a notice in error, call your accountant or the State Tax Commission at (601) 923-7089 or go to the commission's website at