New Apartment Complex Going Up In Hancock County

Bay Park on Longfellow Road is the latest apartment complex going up in Hancock County.

"It seems there's a need for a project like this in the area," job superintendent David Moore said.

Right now, there are more than 450 apartments in the eight large complexes throughout the county. The Bay Park complex will add 128 apartments to that.

"I really don't see that hurting my business here because that's supposed to be a tax credited property, which that means you can only make a certain amount. If you go over that amount, you can't live there, so I really don't see it hurting our business at all," apartment complex manager Stacey Netto said.

Netto manages the Waverly Apartments just off of Highway 603. That complex opened nine months ago.

"We wanted to build an apartment complex that was more high-scale than the normal apartment complex," Netto said. "Also, in Bay St. Louis there are not that many apartment complexes."

The Pelican Point Apartment complex on Highway 90 reports an 80 percent occupancy rate. The Waverly complex has about the same with 75 percent occupancy. Both expect to fill up this summer when school lets out.

"I do believe that by this summer that we'll be 100 percent occupied. Also the casino opening the new hotel, it's going to be bringing several people to Bay St. Louis, so hopefully I can get those people in and keep them happy and they'll stay for a while," Netto said.

The new Bay Park complex on Longfellow Road is scheduled to open this fall.